belgali studio


Belgali is a Indonesian/Belgian Label owned by Tjandra Yulianto : Kasongan Furniture Yogyakarta company specialized in the production of high end handmade luxury artistic furniture and decoration.

Most of the designs are the brainchild's of artist/designer Felix de Boussy who is designing exclusively for studio Belgali.

Our vision is to design and produce unique collectible Furniture that looks like art or Jewelery.


Felix de Boussy

Felix de Boussy is a Belgian artist/designer with work studios in Bali Indonesia, Bangkok Thailand and Ostend Belgium.

He loves to work with Brass, copper or bronze and uses the acid etching method to highlight his drawings. Felix de Boussy likes to innovate and is continuously looking for new challenges. He incorporates semi precious gem-stones or mineral crystals in a lot of his work.

recently he designs the Belgali furniture also with different materials like recycled wood and ceramics and electroplated metal.


His art furniture are admired by many interior designers all over the world, and are getting more valuable every day.