All of the Belgali stock, art, furniture including even all the orders that have been already paid for by our customers and were ready to deliver to our customers by our partner manager ADVANCE, have been without any reason and no explanation seazed sealed and probably damaged by the Belgian Goverment represented by:

Curator Floor D’HULSTER hospitalstraat 3, 8400 Oostende, Rechter Commissaris Walter HOSTEN en Mevr. De Onderzoeksrechter Christine POTTIEZ bij de Rechtbank van eerste aanleg West-Vlaanderen.

 They have seazed all our products and items that had our label and sticker on each product in the ADVANCE showroom & warehouse in Ostend Belgium.

All our products that are suplied to ADVANCE in consignation in order to be able to sell manage and promote our LABEL on our behalf have been correctly imported in Belgium, controled by the customs, with matching packing lists and pictures of every item. Our partner ADVANCE paid the VAT and import duties and taxes. So all is 100% legal, we got no information about the reason of their actions.

Our lawyers in Indonesia, USA and Belgium are preparing a lawsuit with financial damage claims, this action has put our company in a defendless position, all our staff and managers are out of work and the damage to our label BELGALI is heavy. We are informing the Belgian ambassador in Indonesia and the Indonesian ambassador in Belgium.

If you have any questions about your orders or purchases we can not help because we have no info or details.

We advice you to contact and put us: in CC 

I sincerely appologize for all the inconvenience to my staff, my managers, my customers , my partners, and suppliers.

Sincerely yours,

Tjandra Yulianto , Kasongan Furniture Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Belgali is a Indonesian/Belgian Label owned by Tjandra Yulianto : Kasongan Furniture Yogyakarta company specialized in the production of high end handmade luxury artistic furniture and decoration.

Most of the designs are the brainchild's of artist/designer Felix de Boussy who is designing exclusively for studio Belgali.

Our vision is to design and produce unique collectible Furniture that looks like art or Jewelery.

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